crotchetyoldfan (crotchetyoldfan) wrote,

back! with some t-shirts

I successfully swallowed the cow!  the paintball website is updated and I've finished and posted the designs for my Hugo Award t-shirts on zazzle, put a shop page up on the website & - whew!

The Classic Hugo Award t-shirts feature a listing of all of the winners - pros and fans - from 1946 through 1984.  Strike a blow for graying fandom!

I licensed the right to use Worldcon, Hugo Award and the rocket imagery from WSFS.  Did up several designs featuring the list and Hugo rockets (gold), as well as several fannishly oriented front designs.  Then had to create 42 different shirt designs for men and another 42 for women to put up on zazzle. 

If sales go well, I'll be donating a portion to TAFF or DUFF or some other worthy fan fund.

Here's a pic of the back.  If you want to see more, you can go here (my site) or the zazzle gallery, here.

Buying one will contribute to my own personal fan fund and will help get me to Anticipation this year.

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